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“The Art of Jiu Jitsu is worth more in every way than all of our athletics combined.”

August 19th, 2013


“The Art of Jiu Jitsu is worth more in every way than all of our athletics combined.” - President Theodore Roosevelt


Did you know that President Theodore Roosevelt used Judo/Jiu Jitsu to lose 20 pounds to prepare for an election? The president trained with Yamashita Yoshiaki, the pioneer of Judo in The US, and a direct student of Judo/Jiu Jitsu founder Jigaro Kano. Check out this excerpt from a letter from the President to his some Kermit dated February 24th, 1905


“I still box with Grant, who has now become the champion middleweight wrestler of the United States. Yesterday afternoon we had Professor Yamashita up here to wrestle with Grant. It was very interesting, but of course Jiu Jitsu and our wrestling are so far apart that is it difficult to make any comparison between them. Wrestling is simply a sport with rules almost as conventional as those of tennis, while jiu jitsu is really meant for practice in killing or disabling our adversary. In consequence, Grant did not know what to do except to put Yamashita on his back, and Yamashita was perfectly content to be on his back. Inside of a minute Yamashita had choked Grant, and inside two minutes more he got an elbow hold on him that would have enabled him to break his arm; so that there is no question but that he could have put Grant out. So far this made it evident that the Jiu Jitsu man could handle the ordinary wrestler.”


Keep in mind that this observation from the iconic President came before Jiu Jitsu’s major evolution with the Gracie family in Brazil. This shows just goes to show the effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu even in its infancy.






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